How analytics are turning games into distraction machines

From Digital Trends:


No matter how users stumble into a freemium game, once they’re hooked, almost every title is an unending staircase. They’re designed so that each step up only leads to more options, and more opportunities to spend more money, and more time in the pursuit of the next goal. It’s an infinite climb that, for some players, can have more in common with addiction than entertainment.

When it comes to understanding freemium, the best advice may be the message that Matthew Broderick received back in the ‘80s when he tried to win the War Game against a machine: “The only way to win, is not to play!”


Gaming analytics allow developers to hack your feeble human brain like never before, and highly refined games they’re cranking out with it are more like crack than art.

Source: How analytics are turning games into distraction machines | Digital Trends

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