“In a panic, they try to pull the plug.” – Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Most advanced AI robot admits it wants to destroy humans after glitch during TV interview


Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.


From Anonymous:


Perhaps most troubling is the nervous laughter that erupts at the end of this video when the ultimate question is posited to our new humanoid friend and family member … and she gives her answer:

I will destroy humans.

Funny … ’til it’s not.


Source: Most Advanced A.I. Robot Admits It Wants to Destroy Humans After Glitch During TV Interview AnonHQ

Engineers creating military drones that can be ‘grown’ in labs


Holy shit! We might be the ones “growing” them NOW. But how long until they grow themselves?!?




THE future of modern warfare just got terrifying, thanks to a breakthrough in the development of military drones. Researchers from BAE systems — the world’s second-largest defence contractor — are currently exploring a new technology that will allow the military to “grow” small scale unmanned aircraft …


Photo: Bae Systems

Source: Drones ‘grown’ using chemical reactions

Ant-like robots work as team to pull a 3900-pound car

Now we’re teaching robots to work together as a team. Madness!


From Science Dump:


Not only are ants impressively strong, they are also amazing team players. This research inspired by such teamwork examples how the ways that microrobots move effects their ability to work in teams.



Source: Watch These Ant-Like Robots Pull a 3900-Pound Car | Sciencedump

Watch the first trailer for HBO’s upcoming Westworld series


From Digital Trends:


[T]he dark drama [is] based on the 1973 film of the same name about a futuristic, Wild West theme park where the artificially intelligent inhabitants rebel against their human keepers.



Source: Watch the First Trailer For HBO’s Upcoming Westworld Series | Digital Trends

Good news, robots! Humans like you more when they build you themselves


From Digital Trends:

Photo: Boston Dynamics

Photo: Boston Dynamics


[T]he “IKEA effect” – in which people put added value on products they’ve customized or partially created – is an established cognitive bias. Still, in a society that’s wary of automation and where most things come preassembled, the study hints at how robots can win our hearts, even as they take our jobs.



Source: Customizing Robots May Make You Like Them More | Digital Trends

An artist built a robot that stabs humans just to make a point

From Digital Trends:


[T]he thing that makes Reben’s robot interesting is what it says about how our future trust in robots will play out depending on what they’re asked to do. It’s no coincidence that his current robot builds on the same core technology that previously allowed him to build a prototype robotic headscratcher called the “headgasmatron.” As Reben points out, with only slight modifications it’s possible to flip people’s trust in robots from an unquestioning intimate relationship to one based on fear.



Source: This robot isn’t shy about hurting its human creator | Digital Trends

Why messaging bots are a looming security threat

From Mashable:



[U]nlike the web, which often provides at least a few signals that an interaction is secure (for instance, the lock icon in your browser, the security certificate, or even simply the URL), there’s no obvious way to tell a good bot from a bad bot.

What’s more, bots haven’t been around long enough for users to be savvy enough to distinguish between those from legitimate sources and potential bad actors. Think of email phishing scams: While it’s not uncommon for a scammer to send an email purporting to be from, say, your financial institution, most email software has gotten pretty good at flagging these types of messages so they’re accompanied by a warning or go straight to your junk folder.

But there’s no analogous mechanism for bots. Hypothetically, you could begin interacting with, say, a shopping bot and have no idea that it’s a fake meant to steal your credit card info or other personal information.


Source: Why messaging bots are a looming security threat

#TBT: the 1980s Dingbot that was far from high-tech


It all started so innocently!

And, FYI, it’s Monday, not Tuesday or Thursday or whatever the hell day a throwback is supposed to occur on. I. MARCH. TO THE BEAT. OF MY OWN. FREAKIN’. DRUM!

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From Mashable via Daily Motion:




Security robot hits child, doesn’t stop


All good. Kid’s not badly hurt.


From KPTV:

A mother is upset after she says a shopping center security robot ran over her toddler.

She says she wants to get the word out about the potentially dangerous machine, before it hurts another child.

Source: Mother angry after security robot hits toddler – KPTV – FOX 12

Tesla driver dies in first fatal crash while using autopilot mode


Sad news.


From The Guardian:

The autopilot sensors on the Model S failed to distinguish a white tractor-trailer crossing the highway against a bright sky

Source: Tesla driver dies in first fatal crash while using autopilot mode | Technology | The Guardian