“What I am began in man’s mind, but I have progressed further than man.” – Colossus, The Forbin Project (1970)

Seven questions about technology you aren’t allowed to ask


An interesting article about morally, legally or ethically fraught technology topics.


From MIT Technology Review:

MIT Media Lab biologist Kevin Esvelt, speaking at the “Forbidden Research” conference, calls for full disclosure by scientists seeking to develop advanced genetic technology.


Sex robots, climate hacking, and the true cost of medicine made our list of taboo technology topics …

Each question is morally or legally fraught and sets up a clash of ethics between individual technologists in search of solutions and institutions that see possible harm.


Source: Seven Questions about Technology You Aren’t Even Allowed to Ask

‘She has a name’: Amazon’s Alexa has serious superfans

Do people realise how creepy this is getting?


From The Guardian:

Photo: Uncredited/AP

Photo: Uncredited/AP

One of the top Echo reviews on Amazon calls the machine “the perfect spouse” and features a picture of the reviewer … in bed with the device. “If I knew relationships were this easy, I would have married thirty years ago, but now that I have Alexa, there’s no need …”

More than 28,000 people found his review helpful, and nearly 700 people responded with encouragement.


oaquin Phoenix plays a man who falls in love with a computer in the movie, Her

oaquin Phoenix plays a man who falls in love with a computer in the movie, Her


Source: ‘She has a name’: Amazon’s Alexa is a sleeper hit, with serious superfans | Technology | The Guardian

Most advanced AI robot admits it wants to destroy humans after glitch during TV interview


Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.


From Anonymous:


Perhaps most troubling is the nervous laughter that erupts at the end of this video when the ultimate question is posited to our new humanoid friend and family member … and she gives her answer:

I will destroy humans.

Funny … ’til it’s not.


Source: Most Advanced A.I. Robot Admits It Wants to Destroy Humans After Glitch During TV Interview AnonHQ

Engineers creating military drones that can be ‘grown’ in labs


Holy shit! We might be the ones “growing” them NOW. But how long until they grow themselves?!?




THE future of modern warfare just got terrifying, thanks to a breakthrough in the development of military drones. Researchers from BAE systems — the world’s second-largest defence contractor — are currently exploring a new technology that will allow the military to “grow” small scale unmanned aircraft …


Photo: Bae Systems

Source: Drones ‘grown’ using chemical reactions

Virtual Reality is the future of porn, and it’s a creepy future indeed




From TechCrunch:



Once you get past the somewhat off-putting nature of swapping nether regions with a professional, VR porn does offer an interesting way forward for an industry that, like many others, has been hard hit by the prevalence of free online content … “[With VR], we can raise the bar and get people to subscribe to porn again. “

Welcome to the future, everyone. It’s super weird here.


Source: VR is the future of porn, and it’s a creepy future indeed | TechCrunch

Computers may be evolving but are they intelligent? Watson on Jeopardy!

From The Conversation:



Read article: Computers may be evolving but are they intelligent?

Can this software identify terrorists by facial features?

From Digital Trends:


Faception’s theory of facial personality profiling is supported by two genetic research observations: DNA affects personality, and DNA determines facial features. Linking these two observations lead the company to infer that personality can be identified in facial features since both are products of genetic expression.

The accuracy of this inference is yet to be determined but … AI technology itself is idiosyncratic. Machine learning algorithms learn from the data they’re given – and this data can can cause them to learn things in error.


An Israeli startup claims its software can identify terrorists, academics, professional poker players, and pedophiles by facial features alone.

Source: Can this Software Identify Terrorists by Facial Features? | Digital Trends

AI learns and recreates Nobel-winning physics experiment

From TechCrunch:


Australian physicists, perhaps searching for a way to shorten the work week, have created an AI that can run and even improve a complex physics experiment with little oversight. The research could eventually allow human scientists to focus on high-level problems and research design, leaving the nuts and bolts to a robotic lab assistant.


Source: AI learns and recreates Nobel-winning physics experiment | TechCrunch

Augmented humans blend technology and biology with apps for the brain and embeddable devices

From the ABC:

Self-described “human cyborg” Neil Harbisson. Image source: Facebook

“… So you go to your phone today, and you go ‘ok what can I add to my phone that will give me some functionality?’. You’ll be able to do that for your brain,” he said.

“Maybe I’ll download a Chinese language pack, maybe you’ll add a whole set of data, maybe Wikipedia put inside your brain and download it, so you will have access to it when you’re thinking.

“That’s artificial intelligence, but embedded and accessed through your brain.”

Source: Augmented humans blend technology and biology with apps for the brain and embeddable devices – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)